Day 37 – Farewell Sweden, hello Denmark

Ystad is a cute little place, feeling more Danish than Swedish with a nice little market square and houses reminiscent of the island of Bornholm, which is only 50 miles away, a distance the superfast (and super scary) ferries do in about ninety minutes. 

We left Ystad into a headwind, with a high mackerel sky, which by now is a familiar story.  Hours of battering into lumpy seas motor-sailing our way out of Sweden. 

Sunshine and passing ships broke up the monotony, as ships were a rarity in the archipelago.  Now we’re back in the main Baltic, right alongside the deep water channel, they’ve returned.  Bulk carriers, container ships and the ubiquitous ferries.

Our departure from Swedish waters, into those of the Danish, meant our first changing over of our courtesy flags in somewhile. Andrew, as always, did the honours.

The journey meant we sailed close to the Cliffs of Mons – possibly the closest Denmark has to the white cliffs of Dover, and seemingly quite a tourist attraction on the island of Mons. It is perhaps the highest natural form we’d seen since leaving the UK.

Arriving in Klintholm, on the island of MΓΈn entailed threading through fish stakes, a narrow shallow entrance and berthing alongside in the area reserved for 12-15m boats. 

An alongside berth next to the electricity with the pontoon the same height as our deck.  We paid at the self service machine beside the closed harbour office – which appeared to only open for an hour or so at the weekend.

A kiosk selling Magnum ice creams, late summer sun and fresh Danish pastry for breakfast tomorrow.  We marvelled at the bravery of the lady in the small ‘mini brugsen’ shop who had to put her hand into the glass cabinet abuzz with wasps covering the jammy pastries.

Watching the sun go down, and the house martins swirling round, we caught up with some admin, and watched as the harbour slowly filled with boats.

Our daily stats

Motor sailing means straight line sailing – from Ystad, Sweden to Klintsholm, Denmark

We made 57 nautical miles in 9 and a half hours, averaging 6 knots.  We motor sailed the whole way, using 8 gallons of fuel.

You can hear more in Episode 33 – Wiggling through Denmark of our ‘Two in Boat’ podcast.

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