La Paz, Bolivia – as high as it gets?

There’s so much to write about La Paz, but the top three things I think I should cover first are:

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La Paz – a few facts, figures and useful links

La Paz is an amazing city, the seat of government and the defacto capital of Bolivia, although Sucre is actually the constitutional capital.  It is also the highest capital city in the world.  Towering over the city is the impressive mountain Illimani, with triple peaks reaching 6438 metres.

La Paz is the third largest city in Bolivia, and the metropolitan area of La Paz that encompasses La Paz, El Alto and Viacha, is the largest urban population in Bolivia, of around 2.3 million.

The Teleferico, launched in 2014, is the world’s highest cable car network.  Known locally as Mi Teleferico it is currently made up of 8 lines, each given a colour, with a 2 further planned for 2019.  You can read more about this in my blog ‘Cool things to do in La Paz‘.

La Paz is also the gateway to Lake Titikaka and Tiwanaku, both of which are fascinating and unique places to visit, and I’ll cover in my blog on ‘Cool places to visit from La Paz’.  It’s a great place to move onto Peru, or to the other diverse parts of Bolivia, including the salt flats in Uyuni, the silver mines at Potosi, the delights of Sucre and Cochabamba, and the amazonian forest.  I’ll be covering these in later blogs.

So the answer to my headline question, La Paz – as high as it gets? – is a resounding YES!

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